OHDSI Norway


In 2022, an informal forum for sharing experience with OMOP in Norway was initiated. The forum served data partners and other stakeholders interested in OMOP. In 2023, it became an official OHDSI National Node.

The vision for the Norwegian National Node is to enhance observational health research in Norway with the use of OMOP CDM and the OHDSI-toolkit.



The aim of the node is to provide a forum for sharing experience, insights and discuss aspects of implementing and performing research using OMOP in Norway. The node should be visible so that potential new Norwegian data partners or researchers can join to learn and contribute.

Specific objectives are:

  • Conduct regular (minimum every quarter) node meetings open to interested parties with the objective as described above.
  • Maintain a node webpage with information and contact details.
  • Work towards avoiding duplicate mapping efforts of Norwegian data.
  • Facilitate common Nordic OMOP-work, for instance mapping of common vocabularies used in the Nordic countries.

In addition, we will contribute to the OHDSI network, support its mission and be a contact point for Norway within OHDSI.


Leading Organisation 

The Cancer Registry of Norway
Ullernchausseen 64, 0379 Oslo, Norway

Contact:  Espen Enerly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Truls Korsgaard Directorate of eHealth
Christina Hilmarsen Directorate of eHealth
Hans Aage Huru Directorate of eHealth
Inge Voldseth Directorate of eHealth
Anne Heidi Skogholt Directorate of eHealth
Nina Berg Directorate of eHealth
Elin Hallan Naderi Oslo University Hospital
Elisabeth Ross Oslo University Hospital
Frode Heimdal Oslo University Hospital
Ingrid Small Hanto Oslo University Hospital
Irina Ariansen Oslo University Hospital
Kai Tore Hånes Oslo University Hospital
Olivier Bouissou Oslo University Hospital
Pia Nybo Skaar Oslo University Hospital
Sissel Jor Oslo University Hospital
Tasmeia Yousaf Oslo University Hospital
Hedvig Nordeng University of Oslo
Nhung Trinh University of Oslo
Fabian Bernal University of Oslo
Saeed Hayati University of Oslo
Eivind Hovig University of Oslo/Oslo university Hospital
Kristin Holvik Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Espen Enerly Cancer Registry of Norway
Siri Larønningen Cancer Registry of Norway
Jan F Nygård Cancer Registry of Norway
Gintaras Pikelis Cancer Registry of Norway
Kristin Oterholt Knudsen Cancer Registry of Norway
Lena Holmstrøm Cancer Registry of Norway
Björn Eklund Cancer Registry of Norway
Svein Erling Tysvær Cancer Registry of Norway
Marie Gulla Cancer Registry of Norway


Data Partners 

Data Source Name


Data Type



University of Oslo


PharmacoEpidemiology and Drug Safety (PharmaSafe) - Department of Pharmacy (uio.no)


Oslo University Hospital




Cancer Registry of Norway




How to contribute?

If you are interested to join or learn more about the Norwegian national node you may contact us directly at:  

Espen Enerly
Department of Research
Cancer Registry of Norway,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Siri Larønningen
Special Advisor
Department of Registration
Cancer Registry of Norway,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.